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In order to get started we need to learn a little about you and your design idea. Once we fully understand your vision, we can send you instructions on how to move forward with your concept.

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Can our team order online?

Yes! We can set up a free "unit store" where each member of your team can place and pay for their own order via credit card or PayPal.

Do you ship to APOs?

Yes, we ship to APOs via USPS Priority Mail. It usually takes anywhere from 6 to 10 days in transit once the order leaves our facility.

Do you have Coyote Brown?

Yes, we offer dozens of garment styles and colors, including DOD approved Coyote Brown, Woodland Brown and OD Green.

Do you offer any other items?

Yes! Once your design is complete we can help you put it on a bunch of other cool items like coins, stickers, patches, poker chips, coffee mugs, posters and more.

Are you Veterans?

Yes we are! Veteran owned for over 20 years. US Army, Airborne!

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